I am the leading no-nonsense coach in the Nordics.

I coach exceptional leaders and entrepreneurs who have the guts to radically change their lives.

I am known as the authenticity architect, and my mission is to lead people towards massive growth and transformation in their level of Impact, authenticity and Income with world-class coaching.

Why? Because I believe that being your authentic self, hiding and holding nothing back while moving forward towards what you truly want is the only way to live well.

Drawing from personal experience, I can confidently say that my words are not mere claims. Through many challenges, I have successfully crafted a life that aligns authentically with my desires. I possess a distinct and individualistic coaching style that is characterised by a no-nonsense very direct approach. I exercise the freedom to select my clients, and countless entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Managers are well-acquainted with this unrelenting and truthful coaching style.

It is unrelenting because it does not tolerate self-deceit, persistent complaints, or feeble excuses. Upholding your integrity, I deliver my coaching services with unwavering determination, unafraid of bruising emotions or egos. Remarkably, my clients experience a depth of affection and genuine care that surpasses anything they have encountered from strangers in the past.

Through a tumultuous journey of trial and error, I eventually uncovered my authentic self. At the age of 26, I was utterly drained from relentless efforts to forge ahead and the numerous risks I had undertaken in pursuit of success such as launching multiple businesses, buying property, seeking out investments opportunities, I had the life I wanted. Yet, during this period the deepest void I felt was within my inner peace.

I reached a critical juncture that forced me to confront the facade I had become. The constant striving and hustling no longer provided any fulfillment. My relationships were plagued with unhappiness, I found myself trying to constantly please those around me, I was exhausted constantly obsessing about how other people perceived me. My romantic relationships left me bewildered going in endless loops of drama and upset.

The Core of me had to change, and it was radical.

I dedicated an entire year to adopting a monk-like lifestyle—no sexual encounters, no partying, and no shortcuts or risky ventures to accumulate wealth.

Instead, I delved deep into self-development, gaining clarity on my own aspirations to reinvent my identity. Eventually, I felt compelled to share my knowledge and assist others on their journeys. From 2016 to 2023, I have devoted over 10,000 hours to mastering the art of coaching. Through my guidance, my clients experienced remarkable breakthroughs and transformative shifts in their lives and businesses.

I coach my clients in a bespoke and unique way without a fixed program or template. I create personalised programs that catalyse radical transformations in their identities and lives. My coaching agreements create an environment where clients tap into their true potential and  become the architect their authentic selves.

My role is to serve, not please. I don’t indulge in flattery like many coaches; instead, I provide straightforward guidance. I consistently demand 100 percent effort from myself and anticipate the same level of commitment from my clients. It is this uncompromising dedication that justifies the significant investment required to work with me.

I am currently pursuing my true passions alongside my loved ones. I perceive no limitations, no barriers, and I hold an unwavering conviction that I have the freedom to shape my own identity (my being) and achieve virtually anything within reasonable boundaries (my doing).

The joy I experience in my relationship knows no bounds. I find myself at the pinnacle of physical and mental well-being, operating at my optimal state. While I don’t always approach every aspect of my life or myself seriously, my commitment to serving others through my work remains unwavering. Continuously, I seek opportunities to enhance every facet of my coaching practice, striving for constant improvement by working with some of the best coaches and mentors on the planet.

Other things about me:

I’m not always happy.

I like to dance when I am alone and also when others are watching.

People call me obsessive about learning about people and how they think and they are right. My overflowing bookshelf proves it.

My high level self-confidence is sometimes confused with arrogance.

My mother taught me my work ethic and how to love, my father taught me how to forgive by not being there.

In everything I do, I strive for excellence.

I am sometimes called fussy and snobby because of my standards.

When people confide in me about their problems often my eyes bulge with excitement, it’s my way of saying “I can’t wait to help you figure you how to solve this”

I am from Liverpool and was recently told I have a “Hollywood Scouse accent”

I know little or nothing about a lot of things, but I know an extraordinary amount about people, personal development, and the psychology of success and winning.

If I could have dinner with ten people (dead or alive), I would pick:

Rosa Parks, Gandhi, Jesus, Steve Jobs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Carl Jung, Jane Goodall, Rumi, Mother Teresa, and Robin Williams.