Most coaches aim to improve the lives or businesses of their clients; I transform them, often radically. 

My Signature Tough Love Coaching approach combines radical honesty infused with deep compassion.

This approach allows me to cut to the core of what is going on with an uncommon directness. 

I refuse to accept the idea of a permanent ” type of person”; often, it takes a sledgehammer of honesty to shatter that illusion.

That can look like a crashed dream, broken relationship, business collapse or emotional breakdown. I’ve had one of each!

Instead, I help you break the illusion of “”who you think you are” with a dose of Tough Love. My signature approach catalyses your transformation into a person designed on your terms. A person consistently able to lead their life and business from an internal position of  Authenticity, Integrity and Commitment to your promises.

My words are not mere claims.

I transformed from an emotionally volatile 25-year-old working at a dark and noisy car factory. I felt deeply unsatisfied with my life of unrealised and broken dreams. I was chasing money and status, blinded by insecurity and the need to prove myself. My main symptoms consisted of  pleasing people, obsessive planning, compulsive overthinking, and worrying about what others thought of me. I was often so triggered I was unable to let go of my thoughts for hours once they took a hold of me. 

Now, at 35, after a decade of commitment to inner work, I have consciously designed myself and my life on my terms. I run my coaching practice from my beautiful Stockholm apartment overlooking the city or from exclusive locations across Europe. I have wonderful clients who Inspire me, and enrich my life. I am on my way to being the man I always hoped would come and “save me”. 

The constant shame for not living up to my “ideals” has been replaced by a commitment to bespoke processes and protocols. These P&Ps ensure I am present instead of anxiously running off into the future. These bespoke solutions are what I offer my private coaching clients

I am proud of the man I am, and how I live and lead. My pride is without conceit or self flattery, It’s real and true. If I could I would pick myself as a friend, partner or coach any day of the week. Why, because I am dependable, true to my word and willing to listen more than I talk. Yes, I have my off days, but they happen way less than ever I thought possible. 

So, does this make me Mr. Perfect? Certainly not! I, too, have my “bad days” and make mistakes. That’s life. Being Mr. Imperfect gives me the freedom to continue to grow every day into the vision of the man I want to be. These realisations make me into the deeply compassionate and loving man, I am ,while also granting me a razor-sharp capacity to spot BS and call it what it is when necessary. 

You, too, can achieve transformation like this and even more if you are willing to work for it. That why I demand 200 per cent effort from myself and my clients. 100% on both sides.

Look, you’ve probably already tried therapy, counselling and other types of self-proclaimed “coaches” who have left you feeling frustrated and even hopeless.

You have likely marched on alone for years, consuming endless self-development books and courses, believing you can do it yourself.

I understand. I’ve been there

So why should you believe that I can help you? 

Don’t. Instead, let me show you. 

Meanwhile, you can read the stories from a handful hundreds of people I have already helped here.

I know and believe in the power of great coaching. I have three coaches who I work with simultaneously, and I invest a large portion of my income into that every year. This enables me to be a stable and solid support for your journey.

I have worked with hundreds of clients and racked up over 10,000 coaching hours. 

My experience and coaching style are unparalleled, you will never experience what I can offer you with anyone else. 

Other things about me:

  • I am a man of my word.
  • I hug instead of shaking hands. 
  • I like to dance when I’m alone. 
  • I am not always happy; I’m a work in progress. 
  • I find it easy to make friends and easier to let them go. 
  • I am sometimes called fussy and snobby because of my high standards.
  • My high level of self-confidence is sometimes confused with arrogance.
  • I am from Liverpool and was recently told I have a “Hollywood Scouse accent”.
  • I willingly let others take my ideas as their own and support them in implementing them if it creates a lasting positive change.
  • My mother taught me my work ethic and how to love, and my father taught me how to forgive by not being there.
  • I know little or nothing about many things, but I know an extraordinary amount about people, personal development, and the psychology of success and winning.
  • If I could have dinner with ten people (dead or alive), I would pick: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gandhi, Jesus, Steve Jobs, Phil Knight, C.S Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr, Rumi, Billy Connolly, Astrid Lindgren.