Linus Winnerström

CEO/Founder «Future Media Group»

Before I started working with Ryan Branch, I often found myself trapped in my own thoughts, dwelling on problems and other unproductive matters. This led to a tremendous waste of energy, a sense of unease within myself, and an inability to be fully present in the moment. My mind was a constant whirlwind of overthinking and self-doubt, preventing me from living my life to the fullest.

One of my biggest fears was what others thought about me. I was consumed by how I was perceived by others, as if my self-worth hinged on their validation. This constant preoccupation with external judgment kept me from truly embracing my own value and hindered my personal growth. While I had worked on my personal development with various coaches in the past, each offering valuable insights in their own way, I had never experienced a breakthrough as deep and transformative as the one I achieved with Ryan.

Now, thanks to Ryan’s guidance, I feel a profound sense of lightness and a fresh perspective on life. The things that used to throw me into negative thought loops or cause unnecessary stress now hold much less importance and impact on me. This newfound clarity allows me to redirect my energy towards the things that truly matter to me, the things that ignite my passion and drive.

One of the most significant breakthroughs came from realizing the power of facing and accepting my negative thoughts and emotions instead of getting caught up in a constant cycle of fleeing to my mind. I learned that negative thoughts and thought loops are created by underlying feelings, and by acknowledging and embracing those feelings, I can overcome them. This realization has been transformative, empowering me to break free from the confines of my own mind and experience a greater sense of peace and presence.

Working with Ryan has been a game-changer for me. His unique approach and insightful guidance have unlocked doors to personal growth that I didn’t even know existed. I now feel inspired to continue on this journey, armed with the tools and newfound perspective that Ryan has instilled within me. I am forever grateful for the profound impact he has had on my life, and I eagerly look forward to the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

Andrew Phillips

CEO/ Founder «Axiom Recruitment»

For far too long, I struggled with owning my achievements and the happiness and success I had earned. I would make excuses, as if it all happened to me by chance, instead of acknowledging that it was a direct result of my hard work and dedication. I lived in constant fear of being exposed, of people seeing the ‘real’ me and believing that I wasn’t enough.

But after working with Ryan something shifted within me. I realized that I couldn’t continue down this path of self-doubt and self-deprecation. I made a choice to confront my insecurities head-on, even though it meant delving into uncomfortable emotional territory. It was a tough process, painful even, to shine a light on my perceived inadequacies and open up about myself in a positive light. Yet, I knew deep down that I had to take this journey.

And let me tell you, the transformation has been astounding. I feel lighter, free from the chains of self-loathing and the belief that there is something inherently wrong with me. I’ve embraced the power of owning my moments, my feelings, and being proud of myself. The weight of seeking validation from others has been lifted off my shoulders. As a business owner, I’ve stepped into my role with confidence, knowing that I don’t need others to like me in order to feel good about myself.

I’ve learned that I don’t require anyone else’s permission to recognize that I am a good person, constantly striving to do my best in life, regardless of the outcome. I’ve worked hard to silence the negative voice in my head, that critical parental voice that used to hold me back. Now, I am empowered to celebrate my accomplishments, both big and small, and appreciate the journey I’ve undertaken.

If you’re struggling with similar feelings of self-doubt and an inability to acknowledge your own worth, I encourage you to embark on this journey with Ryan. You deserve to experience the profound liberation and inner peace that comes with fully owning your achievements and being proud of yourself. After my time with Ryan I can say that it is possible to break free from the constraints of self-criticism and embrace a life filled with self-acceptance and empowerment. You are worthy, and your journey towards self-love and self-appreciation starts now.”

Niklas Jehrlander

Head of «Sales Story Media»

My behavior and attitude before working with you was based on the need of being liked by everyone. In turn, this created an unauthentic personality and decisions based on the desire of being liked, instead of what actually would be the best alternative. Probably afraid of conflicts with those people I needed to be liked by. I think I got to the understanding that there was lots to gain for me both as a person and as a leader when untangling the knots that inhibited authentic behavior. So I would express it more as an insight that there were lots of benefits to be made instead of doubts in myself. I know that the potential is there and that I’m willing to put in the extra work to unlock that potential. Relations that became more or less toxic as a result of my old way of leading both myself and the people around me. This would make my energy levels go to the absolute bottom and I would almost need to cry from time to time. Allowing people to push the limit to a point where I found myself devastated and not enjoying going to work. I guess I had a hard time setting boundaries in my relationships. I tried many different ways of handling people and situations… Leaning in to the problem/person and trying to create an understanding that wouldn’t be necessary actually. Bending my own beliefs and behavior based on an emphatical approach instead of saying what I actually wanted.The questions asked wasn’t something I took easy on. I wanted to think long and hard to give myself the answer if this kind of coaching partnership was for me. I’m convinced that one has to be 100 % dedicated to get the most out of it; doing things that feels uncomfortable and new – to get the best result from it. I’ve managed all the energy thieves and the relations that were toxic before, setting boundaries for myself and towards the people that I need to do that with. I maximize my time spent in the office on things that truly matter: strategies, developing the company and the people in it, and time for my own tasks instead of spending time on unnecessary shit/lacking the level of energy that it takes to do what I should be spending my time on.

Being true to myself is the biggest success I’ve gained from all of this.

I feel genuinely excited and that I’m on a more plain level when it comes to my mood, temper and general well-being. There’s no underlying irritation towards anyone or anything (that consumes a considerable amount of time and/or energy). I take responsibility for the things that I can – that have changed not only my life but for others as well.
My greatest insight was learning That why I’m saying something is the most important thing. I can say anything to anyone if the intention is right… I don’t need to ask for permission to help someone. I have a responsibility as a leader and a human being to help someone if I see that they need help. Because I want to. Not because it’s required.

Elom K. Srebi

Project Manager at Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust, Managing Director of MI4H Consulting

the moment I heard Ryan speak about his Intensive. I could tell that he “had it”. Not only was it a format that was exciting to us both, but the stories of how many had benefited could not be ignored. I committed to my weekend on the spot. My only hesitation at that time was whether or not there would be 3 days’ worth of material left for us to go through. By the end of the retreat my only problem was figuring out what to do with the vast amounts of additional mind space that we had unlocked.

Since working with Ryan, a few things have happened to me. I left a contact, working for an organisation that was largely unhealthy and proposed quite a few additional challenges to not only my professional development, but more importantly to maintaining the inner peace I needed to be happy.

I have also rediscovered calm. Being a consultant means I am always on the lookout for new clients, and can become very nervous and anxious in the down periods, which often resulted in me jumping into one poorly thought out situation after another. For the first time, I am truly making the most of my time off instead of fretting about when my next contract will come. Although things are not perfect, I am inexplicably happy and content. I have rekindled my love of the gym and Thai boxing and found structure for myself instead of needing a job/contract to create that for me.

And now because of all this, I am working on a new business plan, while patiently waiting on my next contract role. I have had a particularly large vision for quite some time, and I think that this new venture will help make that a reality. The difference now however is that I am taking time to plan and execute instead of jumping in blindly with both feet. I no longer feel the pressure to get everything done in a day, but have found enough peace to do this properly, instead of quickly.

The honest and open conversation we had was invaluable. Ryan’s approach cuts through the mess we tell ourselves and the victim mentality that even the most productive of us often fall into. We took a weed-whacker to all the fluff and BS and got to the core truth behind, dare I say, everything. The experience was truly enlightening and has shaped me in ways that I am still discovering. It seems like Ryan has some sort of 6th sense when speaking to people that hears when you’re filling the air with sound, rather than meaningful speech. We stopped, backed up and delved deeper on topics that I thought I had settled. I quickly realised how much I was doing out of habit, or fear and how little I was doing because it was what resonated with me as a person. I even found better ways to deal with a challenging client, by implementing an unbelievably simple shift in mindset.

I always chuckled at the hippies that say they were “enlightened” or “connected” and “understood the nature of things.” I no longer do that. Our conversations not only focused on the practical applications to his coaching, but addressed phenomena of the mind and how I was interpreting my environment and defining my life experience. It ended in a moment to surreal clarity. It felt as though a massive barrier had been removed and I could see how everything fit together. I saw the foolish mistakes I had been making, the times where my arrogance had stood in my way, and the simplicity of happiness. It was possibly the most powerful experience I have ever encountered and I know that these words cannot do it justice. In removing a feeling of being boxed in and isolated, my mind was now free to explore and roam within a completely different paradigm. This has even positively affected how I deal with friends, family and my partner.

I would without a doubt recommend Ryan to others. I do however think that an open-minded person who does not expect the world to be handed to them has the best chance of taking full advantage of the Core Truth Coaching. Business owners, highly performing individuals, executives, athletes, or anyone who is ready to be responsible for not only their actions, but their state of mind can benefit from this. If you are capable of accepting your mistakes, and missteps and have some goal in mind, either personally or professionally then I would strongly suggest you spend some time being coached by Ryan.

Ryan is not here to stroke your ego. He is not here to feed your self-defeating, self-deprecating or victimised mentality. Time with him is NOT an invitation to your own personal pity party. He is a guide that will show you that clearing in the forest of your mind that you cannot see for the trees and circuitous paths we choose to take. You will get as much out of him as you put in, if not more, but YOU have to be willing to do the work. At the end of the day it is YOUR life and experience and no one has final say about that other than yourself.

This review took me quite a while to write, but months after my experience, with only a few short additional sessions, I still feel the same way I did the day I walked out the door. Lasting change is nearly unheard of in the “self-help” industry as too much of it is centred around tricks to make you temporarily feel good. Addressing the core of an issue is not the same as teaching you tricks or strategies to deal with the symptoms of that issue. Ryan takes you to the Core of the problem and gives you the tools to fix it yourself. That, in my opinion, is the ONLY way to achieve true and lasting change. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Elom K. Srebi
Project Manager at «Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust», Managing Director of MI4H Consulting

Rose Woodward

Decorative Arts Dealer

Throughout my lifetime of self-discovery and learning, I reached a point where people sought my advice and wisdom. Yet, deep within, I longed to gain a true understanding of my own life. I was faced with the constant struggle of dealing with the chaotic nature of my mind, particularly the incessant barrage of thoughts that held me captive. I felt stagnant and knew that something unseen was holding me back.

Earlier this year, I made the life-changing decision to start working with Ryan. This marked the beginning of an intensive journey towards inner transformation. Through Ryan’s exceptional guidance and the powerful tools he imparted, I obtained the tools I needed to navigate the chaos of my mind. I now possess the ability to skillfully pivot my thoughts, enabling me to approach life’s ups and downs with greater efficiency and clarity.

As a result, my life has undergone a remarkable shift. I now live a happier and more fulfilling existence, experiencing significantly less stress. Issues that once seemed insurmountable are now resolved with ease and speed. I have become more light-hearted, embracing each day with a renewed sense of joy.

What truly amazes me is the impact my new behavior, inspired by my transformed thoughts, has had on the people around me. On a daily basis, I witness how their reactions to me have changed. It is evident that because I am different, they respond to me in a more positive and pleasing manner. The ripple effects of my personal growth extend far beyond myself, creating a ripple of positivity that touches the lives of those I hold dear.

Working with Ryan has been an absolute joy. His empathy, enthusiasm, and unwavering support have made the journey truly remarkable. It is evident that he genuinely thrives on facilitating growth in others and is deeply committed to their success. Ryan goes above and beyond, utilizing his vast knowledge and resources to empower those he guides.

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to work with Ryan and the profound impact he has had on my life. The transformation I have experienced under his guidance has been awe-inspiring. I feel inspired and ready to continue on this incredible journey of personal growth, knowing that Ryan’s support will be there every step of the way.

Rose Woodward
Decorative Arts Dealer

Kavita Dorey

Account Director at «You Agency»

When I came to Ryan I was under the weight of feeling like time was passing me by, of being too old to reinvent myself. I had previously done a lot of inner work on myself so didn’t think I doubted myself that much but it turns out that unconsciously I very much did and that was driving most of my results in my work and life. I always had a yearning to find my purpose but lacked direction. I didn’t have a clue where to start. Working with Ryan helped uncover and change that. First by removing and replacing old stories of guilt, shame which aren’t mine to carry. Self-doubt and a lack of self-belief despite my outer confidence where the most important aspects we dealt with together.

In my work with Ryan, I have learned how to set powerful boundaries. Now understand my unconscious behaviours which were driving me to over-extend myself in high-stress situations and have the tools and mindsets needed to overcome these od patterns.
I first came to Ryan with a business idea which has evolved into so much more. Instead different projects that I’ve been exploring on a personal level and business wise are coming together under one brand which I love! I have found my purpose. I feel much more fulfilled. A clear pathway to how I can achieve my goals has emerged and I feel more aligned and purposeful than I’ve ever felt.

Kavita Dorey
Account Director at «You Agency»

Anastasya Martynova

I was worried Ryan would be a Tony Robbins-high-five/”massive action”-type, but in fact, he is the complete opposite – something I really value. He is a highly intuitive human who is sensitive to the needs of his clients and keen to find the right approach to get the best out of someone.

The most valuable thing with Ryan is having a felt sense of my own potential and seeing where I can take myself when I actually bloody listen to my inner voice! The fact that I have opportunities pouring in this year, back to back, is definitely a result of the seeds we planted last year and getting rid of the things that didn’t serve me, slowed me down, and made me sad.

Ryan is a perfect combination of intensity, humor, and knowledge in how he conducts his own business and life. He has a curiosity and genuine energy towards life that is inspiring to me, as well as his ability to adapt to new things as he learns himself, tailoring our work together in a way that makes sense to me.

Ryan’s flexibility in his approach to working with me during difficult parts of my year has made a big difference in moving forward. As he knows, at times, it was difficult to focus on the business with so many personal problems in the way.

I am very grateful Ryan pushed me forward, even when I had moments of not believing in myself and what I was trying to do..

Ryan has given me tools that I can implement daily into my business and life, as well as added to my general attitude of invincibility! Our Co-Created Declaration: Annihilation of the Unnecessary is already carving out better choices and decisions for me.

A lot of people seem to react “ah, boring…” or just confused when I’ve said business coach. It sounds a bit American and made up. Whereas actually, Ryan makes following your passion and realizing your dreams fun and realistically actionable. That’s what he does. Fuck the stereotype, he’s a switched-on, fun human making other creative weirdos like me get closer to where they want to (and should) be.

Anastasya Martynova
Former art Director at the BBC, Craft expert at MUSEEA, Designer, Artist & Director of Anastasya Martynova Ltd

Serge Martinov and Sophia Headman

Musia.com Founders and Directors

Working with Ryan Branch as our coach has been a truly transformative experience. Initially, as exhibition makers and artists, we had reservations about engaging a coach, uncertain of what to expect. The business side of our work had always felt burdensome, draining our energy and overshadowing our passion. Little did we know that Ryan would completely change our perspective. With his guidance, the business side became exhilarating and enjoyable. Ryan helped us articulate our future goals and provided invaluable strategies that allowed us to refocus our energy on the aspects of our business that truly drive growth.

Since we started working with Ryan, we have achieved remarkable results. Our organization has become more efficient, our focus sharper, and our business strategy clearer than ever before. Despite currently being engaged in two major projects that may take longer than anticipated, we have been empowered to make informed decisions and steer interviews in a direction that aligns with our vision.

What we appreciate most about working with Ryan is his exceptional insightfulness and ability to inspire and motivate. He possesses a rare talent for active listening, enabling him to perceive situations from a broader perspective and draw insightful conclusions. By encouraging us to explore the bigger picture, Ryan skillfully poses the right questions, allowing us to uncover the solutions within ourselves. He has injected an incredible amount of energy into our company, igniting our passion for growth.

Moreover, our time management skills have greatly improved through Ryan’s guidance on effective scheduling. From a point of hesitation about expanding, we now find the idea of growing into a larger company exhilarating. Ryan has helped us realize that there are individuals who are not only capable but eager to excel in our line of work, and by leveraging their talents, we can take our business to new heights.

We wholeheartedly recommend Ryan’s coaching services to all those we hold dear. The process has been revitalizing and motivating, and we believe that anyone seeking to elevate their business would greatly benefit from his expertise. In particular, we believe Ryan would be an excellent fit for my sister, a child author who runs her own publishing company. His guidance and perspective would undoubtedly propel her business to new levels of success.

In our experience, we cannot think of anything that we would like to see done differently at this stage. Ryan’s approach has been nothing short of exceptional, providing us with the guidance and support we needed to overcome our obstacles and achieve our goals.
The most important thing others should know about working with Ryan is that it will fundamentally transform the way they perceive work and life. Engaging his coaching services is a truly outstanding investment that has the potential to revolutionize their professional and personal journeys.

Serge Martinov and Sophia Headman
Musia.com Founders and Directors

Zachary Stafford

Senior Wealth Consultant and Pensions Specialist at Devere’s Italy

Ryan can make me see a completely different point of view that had never occurred to me. Virtually no one can do this for me, and it’s fundamental to why I enjoy working with him. A lot of people say a lot of things. But Ryan offers opinions, strategy and affirmations that have genuine gravitas which directly affects my business, my day to day life, and more.

Zachary Stafford
Senior Wealth Consultant and Pensions Specialist at Devere’s Italy

John Rhodel

Published Author, Poet and Writing Trainer

​​Ryan Branch is a lighthouse. That is exactly who he is.
Ryan is a light shining amid the storm. He is more than a coach or a mentor. Ryan is a blaze that helps guide people out of the dark.
And I am one of many whom he has saved from the tempest.

Ryan doesn’t just simply shout instructions on how to survive from the shoreline; he comes out and joins us where we are at. He listens to people. He feels their pain. He honors their scars. He embraces our humanity.

I have never found a more open-hearted coach and mentor. Ryan provided the safest of spaces for me to explore parts of my life that I had never charted before. He walked with me through the wilds of my own shadows and never left my side once. Ryan is a wellspring of wisdom and compassion – and in my experience, those are qualities that are hard to get to work together – yet he does so effortlessly.
From the first moment I was blessed to meet Ryan, he made me feel so welcome and comfortable. His easy nature is one that helped me immediately overcome any nervousness or worry I had in sharing my story and struggles with him.

And once I did – it was magic. Ryan journeyed with me to the areas in my life that I had been terrified to visit before. And through our experiences together he never offered a whisper of judgment or a hint of self-righteousness. What I found was a companion who kept pointing me toward the beauty in this world and in my life that I was constantly overlooking.

To just say that I recommend Ryan would be a vast understatement of the impact he has had on me. He changed my life. He pulled me in from the storm.

My path has never been clearer.
My heart has never been stronger.
My eyes have never been more open.
And I owe that all to him.
Ryan Branch is a lighthouse. That is exactly who he is.

I’ve put his website down in ‘da comments. Reach out to him if you need a boost for your soul!

John Rhodel
Published Author, Poet and Writing Trainer

Stephen McManus

CEO and Founder of Leaf scissors

My initial hesitations about working with Ryan were similar to when I thought about coaching in the past. What if this investment doesn’t lead to greater authenticity or growth? What if I do not click with the coach? What if they don’t understand me? What if I discover things about myself that I have hidden & didn’t want to know?

All of my questions were answered within our first coaching session, I have already seen a huge amount of growth in myself from a business aspect, but also more importantly & much more significantly on a deeper, much more personal level. I understand how my past & some of the most vulnerable & most challenging times have made me into the person I am today. I have learnt to take that vulnerability & use it as a strength, in many aspects of my life.

I have also discovered a new found peace & quiet in my once super busy mind. I have been given the gift of time to think by my work with Ryan.

The thing I like the most about working with Ryan is not just the 90 minutes together but the time after when I reflect on the conversation & learning from the session. I always end up finding even more meaningful answers & actions from our conversation.
My work life balance has been impacted in a big way from working with Ryan. I have a much better understanding of how balance is vital in life.

I would recommend Ryans services to all of the leaders I work with in the two different companies. It would be transformative for our leaders to work with Ryan.

The most important thing that people should know about working with Ryan is that he truly has the ability to take you on a journey of self discovery that leads to a greater understanding of who you are, why you do what you do & where your fundamental strengths lie.

I see Ryan as one of the most important influencers on my career to date. There have been numerous moments in my time working with him where I have completely re-thought some key aspects of my professional life & personal life. I know I’ll look back on my choice to start coaching with Ryan as a life shifting moment. The things I have learnt about myself have been incredible & actually very emotional for all the right reasons.

Perry Patraszewski

CEO and Co-Founder of 7Flower.co , Former Co-Founder of Blue Tit Hair Salon

I have found that with Ryan, I can always count on a refreshing change of perspective. His ability to look at things from a higher, more internal point of view is like a breath of fresh air in the midst of turmoil. It’s a skill that sets him apart and one that I truly admire.

In many ways, Ryan is like an acupuncturist. Just as an acupuncturist assesses the symptoms and uses a single needle in a precise energy point to alleviate a headache within minutes, he has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter with grace and precision. His insights often come from unexpected but close-to-home places, providing the right answers when they are most needed.

One of his seemingly effortless talents is his ability to listen, mirror, and label correctly. Through this compassionate approach, he demonstrates a deep understanding of someone’s dilemma and quickly builds rapport. It’s an amazing skill that fosters connection and creates a sense of trust.

Above all, Ryan has a unique gift for helping people see glimpses of their higher potential. He doesn’t force it upon them but rather creates an environment where they can blossom at their own pace. It’s a remarkable quality that sets him apart from anyone else I know.

After interacting with him, I feel lighter and more at ease. I trust him completely, knowing that I won’t be judged. This creates a safe space for me to believe in myself and embrace my own journey. His presence inspires me in two distinct ways. Firstly, I am inspired by witnessing his own journey and the challenges he has overcome. Secondly, being around him creates an environment where I feel empowered to thrive in whatever direction I choose.

At times, I may experience initial analysis paralysis due to my nature of encountering new concepts. However, once the information settles and is thought through, I can navigate through like a portal to a new dimension. He constantly challenges my perception of life, triggering my ego’s defense mechanisms. But in that process, I go from instant denial to doubt, consideration, acceptance of alternative options, and even acceptance of new truths.

Being in his presence is truly transformative. It leaves me feeling uplifted, motivated, and ready to embrace the possibilities before me. His guidance and support on this journey of growth and self-discovery have had a positive impact on my mood, energy, outlook, and even my life. I am grateful for his expertise and his unwavering commitment to helping others.

Perry Patraszewski
CEO and Co-Founder of 7Flower.co , Former Co-Founder of «Blue Tit Hair Salon»

Kuda Dhliwayo – CEO & Founder of Vital Recycling

Ryan Branch is not just a coach; he is an authentic leader who knows how to guide individuals through a process of growth that feels remarkably natural. His profound wisdom and unwavering commitment to truth lead people to a state of heightened awareness, where their personal and professional growth unfolds organically. What sets Ryan apart is his ability to empower me as a leader without becoming a crutch. He equips me with the tools and insights I need to thrive independently.

The impact of Ryan’s coaching extends far beyond our coaching relationship. The principles he imparts have become a compass for dynamic change in my life, business, and all my key relationships. Every interaction with Ryan leaves me with a profound sense of positivity and happiness. His presence exudes a great vibe and contagious energy. Moreover, Ryan possesses a remarkable ability to instill tranquility in me. Our sessions leave me with a calm mind and a serene heart.

Working with Ryan has truly transformed my life for the better. The results I have experienced are nothing short of tremendous. I now approach life with boldness, fearlessly facing my deepest fears. Through Ryan’s guidance, I have honed powerful listening skills, enabling me to communicate more effectively with my team and foster stronger connections. I have successfully deconstructed limiting beliefs I once held about relationships, life, money, and business. Ryan has opened my eyes to the fundamental truth that every aspect of my life should be built upon.

Ryan’s leadership extends beyond teaching; he leads individuals to enlightenment and helps them discover their own truths, even in his absence. The profound impact he has on people’s lives is truly awe-inspiring. If this level of transformation isn’t life-changing in a monumental way, then I’m not sure what is.

In summary, working with Ryan Branch as a coach and leader has been an extraordinary journey. His authentic approach, unwavering commitment to truth, and ability to empower individuals have brought about profound positive changes in my life. I am forever grateful for the transformational impact he has had on me as a leader and as a person.

Kuda Dhliwayo
CEO & Founder of «Vital Recycling»